What Type of Knife to Cut Raw Chicken?


When it comes to cutting raw chicken, you want to make sure you have the right type of knife. Otherwise, you run the risk of cutting yourself or ruining the chicken. The best type of knife to use is a boning knife. This type of knife is designed specifically for removing bones from meat. It … Read more

Can You Put Pyrex on the Grill?


Can You Put Pyrex on the Grill? No, you cannot put Pyrex on the grill. Pyrex is made of tempered glass and can withstand high temperatures, but it is not heat resistant. It will shatter if exposed to sudden changes in temperature, such as from the grill’s heat. Pyrex Can You Put a Glass Pan … Read more

How Long Can You Let a Brisket Rest?


Any good cook will tell you that one of the most important steps in making a great brisket is to let it rest after cooking. This allows the meat to reabsorb its juices, making it more tender and flavorful. But how long should you let a brisket rest? The answer depends on a few factors, … Read more

Can I Use Charcoal in a Pellet Grill?


Have you ever wondered if you can use charcoal in a pellet grill? The answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know before using charcoal in your pellet grill. Charcoal produces more smoke than pellets, so it’s important to start with a small amount of charcoal and gradually add more as … Read more

How Long Can Cooked Pasta Sit Out?


Cooked pasta can sit out for a maximum of four-hours. After that, it should be thrown away. The reason cooked pasta can only sit out for four hours is because it is a high-risk food for bacterial growth. Bacteria can grow rapidly in cooked pasta and cause food poisoning. If you’re like most people, you … Read more